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Part  2
By R. Peterson

Let’s get close shall we? Very close – no, even closer! Your mother told you to never talk to strangers, and she was right, but I’m harmless I swear. Well almost. I’m going to ask you to do some very simple things. When I do, they will be in bold type like this. Take a deep breath, count to three, and then exhale slowly. If you didn’t do what I just asked - do it now before you read any more.
I promise you are going to love the special place we are going. You are starting to relax and you feel not just good … but wonderful. I’m attracted to happy people, and so are you. Let’s go somewhere together just you and I. Close your eyes and lift your right hand. Can you feel that? A miniscule pulse of electrical energy just raced from the base of your spine and exited out the index finger of your right hand. It was almost orgasmic. You’re smiling slightly. You like that don’t you?
Missed it? … Or you don’t know if you really felt it? Let’s try it again. Close your eyes. Count to three and snap your fingers. Did you feel that tiny zap this time? And maybe that dull (hurts-so-good) ache in the back of your throat when someone you love makes something special for you. Good! By the time you finish reading this you will have experienced that same volcanic euphoric pleasure, but magnified a thousand times.
Let’s go searching for something of great value, a treasure if you will. I can’t go alone, because only you will recognize your deepest most hidden desires when they appear. Where is this dark and secret place? … in your mind of course.
I’m talking about magic. What? You don’t believe! You should. There is magic in everything. I’m communicating to you from the past. How much of the past depends on when you read this.
I’ve decided to drink a hot cup of cocoa on my front porch. It is 3:17 am on May eleventh two thousand and fifteen. My house is under construction. Ladders, wood-planks and saws are scattered everywhere, but there is enough room for a chair and I sit and listen to the night. The sky is overcast and dark. The pale blue moon, in its last quarter, is hiding behind storm clouds. Red lights from the top of a bank of windmills blink on and off like Christmas tree lights from the low foothills on the horizon. In the distance a dog is barking. You and I are together.
If I am in your future … then you are in my past. The universe is strange … and wonderful. I need you to trust me. The place I will take you can be scary but mostly it will be a beautiful, amazing adventure. I will bring you back feeling better than you’ve ever felt before and I promise to fill you with wonder and delight.
I wrote this contrivance some time before you are now reading it. I’m speaking to you from times gone, however long ago that may have been … days, months, years.
 Any common or garden-snake variety of writer can communicate. I want to be a kind of God and make incredible, magical things dazzle you from a distance … from the depths of space and time. When you obey my simple commands, I’m literally making things happen in the future. How cool is that? You deserve to experience the most wonderful amazing blissful things anyone on Earth has ever felt … and you will.
It’s late and a light rain is beginning to fall. You appear to me on a beam of light from the pale blue moon. The ground is warmer than the air above and a mist is rising. A light, from a door opening, appears in the vapors. My cocoa cup is empty. It’s time we were on our way - you and me. Are you ready? Close your eyes. Wiggle the toes on your right foot as you count to three.


We walk together into a tiny room. The boots you are wearing make a clunking sound. You realize it’s an elevator when the door closes and we begin to descend. Use your finger to lightly trace circles in the palm of your other hand. Each time you make a revolution the elevator descends farther and you feel more and more relaxed. The only sound you can hear is your own breathing as you go deeper and deeper. The lift stops with a low clunk and you want to giggle but you grin instead. The door opens. We begin to walk, but our feet do not touch the ground. Your clunky boots have fallen off. You seem to be floating an inch above the floor.


At the end of a long brightly lit hallway, a dark stairway descends into blackness toward what looks like a flickering orange light from a candle. You start to move down the stairs when a shadowy figure appears at the bottom. This is what holds the tiny light. You can’t tell for sure but you think this is someone from your past that you do not like or someone you are very much afraid of. You turn to go back … but I urge you forward. You feel safe with me by your side. Make your hand into a fist and squeeze tightly. Each step we take you become bolder and the shadowy figure at the bottom of the stairs gets smaller and unsure. By the time you reach the bottom, the dark figure is no bigger than an ant cowering on a polished white tile floor. The creature starts to run and you squash on it with your toe.  The tiny orange light flickers out. Moments later, the room is illuminated by sunlight coming from beautiful stained glass windows. You feel warm wonderful and safe.
Just beyond the white tile floor is a large blue velvet-walled state room covered with thick white carpet. You take off your boots and cast them away. The soft pile fibers feel wonderful on your feet. Wiggle your toes. Each time your feet move tiny pulses of pleasure run up your legs and into the base of your spine. I take you by the hand and force you to walk. You are filled with sensuality.


A delightful feeling begins to cover your feet. You look down and find the carpet is covered with bath-warm water. It gets deeper as you cross the room. It is almost up to your knees. Take a deep breath and splay your fingers outward. Count to three, relax your hands and exhale. You begin to sink, but it feels like climbing into a delightfully deep hot tub after being extremely cold. Soon you are covered head to toe with wonderful warmth.
Explosions of tiny bubbles racing toward the surface completely surround you and you want to laugh. Deeper and deeper you sink into euphoria. Tiny, brightly colored fishes tickle your feet as you giggle. The bubbles become larger and larger and you feel yourself floating upward. You break the surface of a forest pond inside a beautiful garden filled with mysterious flora. Many of the flowers loom as tall as a three-story building. The delightful fragrance of exotic pollen filling the air has a soothing effect almost like a hypnotic pleasure drug. Take a deep breath through you nose. Count to three and exhale.


Sunlight turns drops of dew, beaded on the flowers, into gorgeous rainbow prisms that crisscross the lush garden everywhere. We spot a worn trail meandering through ten-foot tall hollyhocks and start down it. A thick clump of dark blood-red roses bocks the path. You accidently brush one of the rainbow beams. An electrical shock sends pleasure pulses through your arm. You feel like you have an infinite amount of energy. Close your eyes and move your hand from side to side. You feel an electrical pulse each time one of your fingers touches a beam. You have so much energy you find yourself vibrating all over and you’re ready to burst. Two bumble bees each as large as a pony are balanced in the sand. We each grab one of the rainbows and twist it around a bee’s head. You climb on one and I do the same with the other. The stiff bristles on the bee’s backs tickle our fingers as we hold our colorful bridles. We both soar into the air higher and higher. A perfect 440Hz hum sends us buzzing through puffy clouds that press against our faces and taste like marshmallows.


The bees have enemies. A dozen black wasps, each larger than the bees we ride, attack from behind dark forests of fennel flowers. Their double wings make them fly faster and extended gleaming stingers look like approaching whale-boat harpoons. You can feel the terror in our trembling flying mounts. The bees have become prey, food for the predators, and so have we. Lean forward. We begin to fly faster. We zip through tight circles in the sky. It feels like we’re on a wild roller coaster ride, flashing across the blue sky in wide circles. The pursuing arthropodas are gaining. Squeeze your knees together. A white sticky substance begins to spray out the bottom of each bee in steamy clouds. Our bodies are completely covered head to toe from numerous loop-to-loops. The movement of the rushing air makes the wax harden instantly. You tumble off the back of your bee a second after I do. We are falling like statues thrown from an airplane. The loss of our extra weight allows the bees to escape, but we plunge downward.
Hitting the surface of water below is like a slap in the face but it makes you laugh. You are already bursting with happiness. The cold liquid turns the wax coating on your body brittle and it begins to crack as a wave propels us toward a sandy shore. Gently scratch your arm with your fingers. The wax coating begins to feel itchy and you find that it peels away easily in large intact sections. The skin under each layer of wax is soft and clear of all imperfections. Peeling the wax from your skin feels wonderful and makes you giggle. You feel young and vigorous. You gape at your image in a small dark pool. Your reflection in the water shows you now look the way you’ve always imagined looking. You look stunning.
We can hear music playing in the distance but it’s too far away to tell what it is. It tickles your ears and we begin to walk toward it. As we get closer the pleasure builds and we begin to run. We are both laughing out loud as the sand becomes deeper and hotter. Tap your right foot on the floor three times. The hot sand begins to cool and then starts to become cold with each running step you take. The sand has now turned into snow and a pleasant numbness caresses the soles of your feet. The musical sound is louder … it’s getting closer. Gently tug on your left ear. Magical tones ride waves through the air like orchestrated voices and tell you to hurry. The treasure we seek is very near. A cold wind, scheming to keep us away, blows into our freezing faces from the horizon as we push onward toward a large spiraling structure made of glistening blocks of blue-white ice.


A large castle, with nine towers and made entirely of ice, looms above blanketing snow flurries. The freezing wind, now roaring at almost gale force, stings our faces and hands and blocks-out the music. Cup your hands around your mouth and blow warm air. The wind vanishes and the blinding snow melts away. You can now hear the enchanting music again. A large door made of dark mahogany appears in the castle wall and you open a heavy cast iron latch shaped like a parrot’s beak. We are in a vast chamber with a floor like polished glass. This is the place where magic dwells.
Enormous transparent icicles hang from the ceiling like upside-down organ pipes. The wonderful music surrounds us and you begin to dance. Large drops of brilliant colored water fall from the largest icicles and solidify into a pile of sparkling frozen gemstones at the base. The jewels are every color you can imagine and more. Close your eyes and make a wish. When you open your eyes one of the colored gems seems to shine above all others. Make your selection carefully. You reach out your hand and pick it up. You realize at first touch that this is something you’ve wanted forever. Make your fingers into a fist and squeeze it tightly. This treasure belongs to you. I tug on your shoulder. I whisper “It’s very important that we leave now.” I run across the polished floor dragging you behind and through the open wooden door. You can feel the golf-ball sized stone beginning to melt and you must not lose it. Squeeze your fist tighter.
The wind is back now with a vengeance and it has traded cold for warmth. A blast of hot air scorches your face. A snapping cracking sound blocks out the sounds of the ice chamber music. Sheets of ice begin to break apart and we have to jump from one floating platform to another. The frozen tundra is turning into an ocean.  A tiny drop of water falls from your hand. Close your eyes and squeeze your fist tighter. The musical hum of the bees returns and they appear racing toward us on the horizon. There are many more than two … they are like the stars.
We are snatched into the air by the bee’s fuzzy legs. The melting sea turns to desert as we streak across the sky.
Storm clouds of black wasps appear this time and the swarms of bees are attacked and fall like rain from the sky. Our mounts are struck and paralyzed by wasp stingers. We are falling.
Close your eyes and imagine jumping on a bed as a child. We are tumbling and bouncing off the petals of the enormous flowers as we plummet toward the ground. You are laughing.


Two drops of water fall from your clenched fist and then a trickle runs as we land in two inches of water. Squeeze your fist tighter. We must hurry! The water gets deeper as we run. It is over our knees then up to our waist. Soon we are sinking in a mass of bubbles. You can feel the precious stone in your hand shrinking … getting smaller. The bubble feels wonderful and you giggle.
The bubbles begin to burst and we fall faster through a fizzing spray. We are now running once again through the magnificent blue velvet walled state room … splashing across white carpet covered with two inches of water. On the far wall is an open door. It is the elevator that transported us to this level. Water drips from all sides of your clenched fist. The precious stone has almost melted. It is only a tiny speck in your hand. Squeeze your fist tighter.
We both squeeze into the elevator just as the doors close and you reach for the operator buttons and they are gone. All inside walls are shiny polished chrome. Close your eyes and tap the finger not holding the melting gemstone seven times. It’s always the magic number that takes us home. After what seems like ages, the elevator shudders then slows and the door opens.


We are once again in the white rising mist near my porch. A pale blue moon peeks from behind dark clouds and smiles at us. Slowly open your right hand. The magnificent gemstone has melted and all that remains is a faint whisper of vapor. Magic is very powerful and even this tiny amount is enough. Blow on your open palm. A cool sensation, that reminds you of frozen castles and icy winds beyond forests of towering flowers, vanishes on the breeze.
You have journeyed into the deepest parts of your mind and retrieved a long and forgotten desire. Now that you have successfully brought your wish to the surface, it is now free to make the transition from energy into matter … and to … become real. You feel incredible euphoria.
I wave goodbye as the moonlight captures you and transports you back to your own dreams. Congratulations … you are the Deep Reader.


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